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The Pontiff gives the Beatles one thumb up, turns Axl Rose into pillar of salt.

IN THE NEWS – The Associated Press reported Nov. 23 that the Vatican is praising the Beatles’ musical legacy. The Vatican’s official newspaper and radio noted the 40th anniversary of the Beatles’ “White Album.” It said the album demonstrated how creative the Beatles were, compared with what it called the “standardized, stereotypical” songs being produced today.
COMMENTARY: But Pope Benedict XVI had a less growing review of Guns N’ Roses new release, Chinese Democracy. The Pope said the new release “lacked the vibrant energy of the band’s first album, Appetite For Destruction, and falls short of what headbangers had been hankering for – hard core guitar riffs mixed with the haunting screeches of front man Axl Rose.” The Vatican said the Pope’s full review could be read at his Web site, “”


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Ladies and gentlemen, we give you Styx .. or one insignificant member left over from the ’70s band who needs the money!

In the news: Guns N’ Roses is releasing its long-anticipated album “Chinese Democracy.” The band’s last album, “The Spaghetti Incident?” came out in 1993. Since then, infighting among the original band members has led to all the original performers leaving except lead singer Axl Rose.
Commentary: Axl Rose is not Guns N’ Roses anymore than Paul McCartney is The Beatles.
But this has become a county fair phenomena. Older bands with some non-recognizable charter members cashing in on their band’s name.
Styx tours the county fair circuit. Their only original member is James “J.Y.” Young – who played guitar and keyboards. No Dennis DeYoung, no Styx.
The most egregious example? Lynryd Skynrd, who has toured this year. Ronnie Van Zant, the lead singer and primary lyricist, died in the infamous plane crash in 1977 along with Steve Gaines.
So they got Ronnie’s youngest brother, Johnny Van Zant to take over as lead singer. The current members with ties to the pre-crash band? Billy Powell, who was at first a roadie that became a keyboardist, and Gary Rossington. That AIN’T SKYNYRD! So quit calling yourself that!
And finally, when did Axl Rose turn into Sammy Hagar?

Sammy Hagar

Axl Hagar?

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