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Rant of the day: Yo! Columbo. Just give me my %^$#&#@! change.

I was in a Rite-Aid recently and gave the cashier a crisp new $20 bill. I was purchasing a bottle of Bayer aspirin.
The cashier took the $20 bill, looked at it and then held it up to the light. Then she looked at me and repeated observing the $20 bill, raising it up to the light again.
My first thought was, “When did they train Rite-Aid cashiers in forensic science? What is she, Dick Tracy?”
But it became more than annoying when she did it a third time. Although the process took about 30 seconds, it felt like forever when the line grew to two customers behind me. Then the “customers in line peer pressure” kicked in and all of a sudden I’m self conscious after realizing I’m now grouped in with that high-maintenance, jackass-in-line who insists on carrying on a conversation with the cashier after getting the receipt or pays by check but doesn’t decide to even begin writing it until after the cashier hands her the receipt.
Look. This isn’t CSI. I’m not Pablo Escobar trying to launder millions of Columbian drug money $13.21 at a time. (That’s my change after the bottle of Bayer.)


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I’m done with the TV show House ……

I can no longer watch the TV show “House” with Hugh Laurie. I can overlook this is a one-trick pony show with the nature of the bizarre illnesses. But are doctors really this friggin’ knowledgable? In one episode, House solves a man mysterious illness by figuring out he was not in Bolivia as House had been told, but was actually in Brazil. And brazilian nuts have selenium and that’s what cause his illness. Where’d House intern – Planters? And can I get him on my PPO? Hey, House, if you are that friggin’ smart why not set your sights on Herpes or Male Pattern Baldness, something the would benefit the common man. Jackass.

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