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Welcome to McDonalds. Would you like to try our combo? It comes with 4 McNuggets, a small Coke and naked pictures of your wife.

IN THE NEWS – The Associated Press reported that Phillip Sherman of Arkansas left his cell phone behind at a McDonald’s restaurant and naked photos of his wife on the phone ended up online. Now he and his wife, Tina, are suing the McDonald’s Corp., the franchise owner and the store manager. The suit was filed Nov. 21 and seeks a jury trial and $3 million in damages for suffering, embarrassment and the cost of having to move to a new home. Sherman said store employees promised to secure the phone until he retrieved it.
COMMENTARY: Two thoughts:
1) What married man has naked pictures of his own wife on his cell phone?
2) How unlucky was this man to find the one McDonalds in this country that had employees capable of downloading pictures from a cell phone. I’m still trying to find one that understands what “no FUCKING pickles” means.


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And they still won’t get the order right.

You can go to McDonalds and buy a 10-piece Chicken McNuggets for $3.17.
Or you can buy three individual 4-piece Chicken McNuggets for $3.00.
Where’d the Golden Arch accountants get their MBAs? The University of Phoenix? Or maybe it’s marketing genius and realizing that the people going through a drive-thru are A) in a hurry or B) not that smart.

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