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Why Hollywood can never make a great sports movie ….

By now, everyone has seen the sports movie Remember the Titans with Denzel Washington. The 2000 movie chronicles a high school football team that is racially integrated and its black coach.
My question? Do the people who write these movies every play the sport?
The climax of the movie comes down to the final play of the season.
Denzel Washington was a defensive coach, not allowed to call offensive plays because of the color of his skin. That job was more left to the head coach, who was white. But now, it’s come down to the game’s final play.
“The Titans take the field with time to run one final play for the state championship,” the P.A. announcer booms.
The Titans have to go 75 yards to win the game.
Denzel huddles with his team and calls a trick play.
And here’s where the movie flops.
The racist opposing white coaches are watching the players line up.
“Why they bringing a QB in?” the assistant says to the head coach.
The head coach looks over the field. And then realizes just what the trick Denzel is trying to pull off.
“Throwing deep!” the racist white head coach screams. “Watch the deep pass! Cover deep!”
But his words are drowned out.
The Titans complete the “long” pass and win.
Everyone cheers.
That black coach sure showed that racist white coach a thing or two.
Who’d have ever guessed that?
You see the ridiculous nature of Hollywood.
You don’t have to make every ending a fairy tale, last-play-for-all-the-marbles cliche ending.
By doing so, you’ve insulted every person who has ever even casually followed the sport of football.
Nobody in their right mind would ever suspect ANYTHING BUT A LONG PASS in that situation.
It would be preposterous for any coach to expect any other play.
And that two coaches who got their team to a state championship would be caught off guard by the only logical play that could have been called in that situation is ridiculous.


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The stupidest moments in movies I like ….

The Last Boy Scout, starring Bruce Willis and Damon Wayans.
The opening scene, there is a pill-popping gambling football player who has to score a TD at all costs. So he’s packing a pistol. Now, stay with me here, that’s not my problem. On a pass play, he catches it and has to get in the endzone. He breaks the first three tackles, but there is still half a team waiting for him. The fourth opposing defender stands before him and is about to tackle him and then the receiver pulls out a gun and shoots the defender in the eye. Now, I’m still along for the ride. Suspend your disbelief. There are no metal detectors for players.
But here’s where the movie loses me.
And despite making it to the highest level of their chosen profession, these defenders still don’t know the rules of the game. Shooting someone on the field is a penalty last time I checked! Rule 15-Paragraph A of the official Rule Book reads: “Putting a cap in someone’s ass is considered unsportsman like conduct. A 15-yard penalty.”
So the moment the linebacker had a bullet in his eye, the flags are flying. The touchdown will be called back.
Still, the next two guys STILL try to tackle Billy The Kid and are shot like convenience store clerk during a hold up because ….. you play to the whistle?

Fallen, starring Denzel Washington.
In the final scene, Denzel Washington plays a cop who has been tracking a demon that is able to transfer from human to human and, hence, has existed for thousands of years.
Washington lures the demon out to a remote cabin. The demon at that point now controls the body of Denzel’s partner, John Goodman.
After a fight, Denzel shoots Goodman and then tells the demon his plan: he is going to kill John Goodman, hence forcing the demon out and allowing it only one other person to inhabit – Denzel. But Denzel has outsmart the demon. He’s smoking a poisonous cigarette as he’s telling the demon his plan. He shoots the demon, then dies as the demon is trapped in his body from the poison in a remote area with no other bodies for miles.
Great ending to the story. The problem?
The demon survives when a stray, feral cat shows up.
You don’t change the clearly accepted rules of the game at the last moment just to fool the viewer. That’s bad porn. If the demon can soul jump into an animal, then it can jump into an ant, or a beaver, or a worm, or any living organism and you got the Jason Voorhees Friday The 13th Movie dilemma – if you can’t kill it, why am I watching?
How do I end it? Simple. Denzel still kills himself. But instead of a cat, the demon runs into the cabin and finds the only other human still alive – Britney Spears. Oh, Mr. Demon, you’ve just been dumbed down into the world of insignificance. You’ll be haunting Hollywood’s high-end boutiques for the next 10 years and be the laughing stock of Hades. Yeah, Mr. Demon, that’s some resume you got there. Hmmmmmm. Ruled most of Asia as Genghis Khan …. then skipped over to Caligula and partied like it was AD99 for a few decades and now the demons from hell are youtubing video of you drunk and flashing your shaved hoochie as you exit a limo.

Jeepers Creepers 2, starring no one you ever heard of, but I’m a sucker for cheesey horror film sequels.

The Creeper is a winged-flesh eating terror that every 23 years is animated from a stasis and goes on a 23-day killing frenzy. After the 23 days, it becomes de-activated again until the next 23 years pass.
At the end of the movie, three teenagers come to see the “bat out of hell”, which is the creature crucified to a cross in a barn by the man who fought The Creeper about 23 years ago until his 23 days were up.
The teens ask, “How’d you kill it?”
“Stabbed it right through the heart,” the man says.
“When?” The teens ask.
“About 23 years ago,” the man says.
“You waiting for something?” the teens ask.
“About three more days .. give or take a day or two,” the man says.
So the man now sits in a lawn chair with a shotgun in his lap while the Creeper sits crucified to the cross in the barn.
So, here’s my issue.
You stabbed it. Shot it. Ran over it. It still didn’t die.
So what’s the point of putting the thing back up on its cross so when it comes back, you can shoot it? Again?
Here’s what I’d do… and you got 22 plus years to do it.
Get a barrel, fill it with quick-dry cement (hell, it could even be the slow-drying type) and put the creature in the barrel, fill it with the cement up to its head.
When it is reanimated 23 years later, it’s got a little issue. It’s now part-creature, part sidewalk.
Hey, Creeper, yeah, uh, you’re really scaring me with your head sticking out of 1,000 gallons of dried cement. Yeah, and that sign above you does read, “Kiss the monster for $1.” And yeah, I am offering senior citizens a 50 cent discount. Get that 12-inch tongue warmed up.

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