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Bond girls unionized?

From the AP: The producers of the James Bonds film say they are making their Bond women less sexist. Their names in the latest movie Quantum of Solace? Strawberry Fields and Camille.
Commentary: Gone are the days of Pussy Galore, Dr. Goodhead and Chew Me. Where’s the misygony? Where’s the bad sexual pun?
Now, the spy series is become more realistic?
Fine, then how about these more realistic names to describe chicks that end up in bed the same night they meet a strange man:
“Gennifer Wartz”
“Miss Tury Rash”
Bond lasted 11 year longer than the Americans sliding down the slippery slope of political correctness.
General Halftrack of Beatle Bailey cartoon strip spent four days of sensitivity training in four 1997 cartoons for harrassing his secretary Miss Buxley.
What next? Pants on Porky Pig?


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